LP management

In the section you will find API endpoints to help you manage your LP (Liquidity provision) positions on CLAMM from depositing to retrieving positions and withdrawing.

Prepare Deposit

Depositing in CLAMM is similar to depositing in Uniswap V3, with a key difference: in CLAMM, you also earn premiums.

Your deposit goes into Uniswap V3 pools, earning typical liquidity provider fees. However, when needed for options positions, deposits are withdrawn from Uniswap V3 and locked in the options market until those positions are settled. This unique structure means you earn both Uniswap V3 fees and option premiums. The /prepare endpoint below will help in generate the transaction call data to deposit in a CLAMM for a provided option market and also provide a summary of your deposit transaction.

Deposit Positions

The /positions endpoint retrieves information about Liquidity Provider (LP) positions for a specified pool on CLAMM. This endpoint allows users to view details about their current LP positions, including the liquidity they have provided, fees earned, and additional information. Along with each position the transaction call data to withdraw that position is also provided.

Deposit History

The /history endpoint retrieves the deposits and transaction details for a user in a specified pool.

Withdraw History

This endpoint retrieves information pertaining to withdrawal transactions by a user from a specified pool.

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