Reward Gauges

Reward gauges are a pivotal mechanism within Stryke, designed to dynamically allocate rewards to various components and participants based on engagement and contribution. This system ensures that the incentive distribution is aligned with the Stryke's health and growth. While reward gauages are yet to be launched, here is an overview of their aniticipated functionality.


  • Purpose: Reward gauges direct the flow of emissions and incentives towards liquidity pools, staking programs, and other activities deemed vital for Stryke’s development and expansion.

  • Operation: Stakeholders, particularly those holding or staking xSYK tokens, can vote on the allocation of rewards. This voting mechanism ensures that reward distribution is community-driven, reflecting the priorities and consensus of active participants.


  • Flexible Distribution: The proportion of rewards allocated through gauges is adjustable, allowing for responsive shifts in strategy to meet the Stryke’s evolving needs.

  • Transparency: All allocations and adjustments within the reward gauges are recorded and transparent, providing clear insight into the distribution logic and ensuring fairness.

Strategic Importance

  • Protocol Health: By incentivizing crucial areas, reward gauges play a direct role in enhancing liquidity, participation, and overall platform stability.

  • Adaptability: The system's design allows for rapid adaptation to market changes, ensuring Stryke remains competitive and rewarding for its stakeholders.

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