Prepare Exercise

Generate transaction call data for exercising options positions purchased on CLAMM.

Exercising on CLAMM involves swapping of tokens. i.e if for call options, Call Asset (eg: ETH) -> Put Asset (eg: USDC) and vice versa. Currently, the API only supports swaps through DEX or aggregators as specified below:


Uniswap V3*

Agni V3*

1inch Aggregator V5

Fusion X*

*Swaps take place directly on the pair pools through single swaps

It is important to try and experiment with reasonable slippage percentages as CLAMM contracts always ensure the underlying collateral of the options are fulfilled before the profit is paid out to the trader when the swap takes place. To understand this concept better let's consider the example below:

strike: 1000 USDC
options amount: 10 WETH
type: CALL
size: 10 WETH

exercise price: 1050
slippage tolerance: 1%
swap route: WETH -> USDC

amount after swap without slippage: 10500 USDC
profit after swap without slippage: 500 USDC
amount after swap considering slippage: 10395 USDC
profit after swap considering slippage: 395 USDC
amount to fulfill liquidity providers: 10000 USDC

As you can see with the example above, when options are exercised the slippage only affects trader's profit to ensure liquidity providers are always whole. To avoid losing much on profit it is recommended to exercise options partially similar to how one would TWAP on DEXs or use supported aggregators but it is also important to note that even aggregators are prone to slippage if the size of the swap is big enough.

Exercise History

the history endpoint can be used to retrieve the history of options exercised for a user

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