Trade Options

Navigate to the trade page by selecting the “Trade” option from the side menu.

Purchasing Options

The trade page features a token pair chart (powered by TradingView) at the top, along with call and put strike prices at the bottom. Browse through the list of available options, which are presented based on the existing liquidity.

Expand or collapse sections as needed and scroll to view different options. To initiate a trade, check the box next to the desired strike price(s) to add them to the trade tab. Select the expiry time and specify the quantity of options you wish to purchase.

Enable the “Auto Exercise” toggle if you want the system to automatically exercise the option at expiry without your manual intervention.

Managing and Exercising Positions

View your current positions under the “Buy Position [B]” section adjacent to the Option Chain. To exercise a profitable position at any time, select it and click on the “Exercise” button.

Review your trading history by clicking on the “Trade History [H]” section.

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