Provide Liquidity

Liquidity Provision

To add liquidity, navigate to the “Liquidity Provision” section on the trade page, select a range of your choice, and provide liquidity into the AMM of your choice.

Providing Liquidity for a Predefined Range

Every AMM has a different reward rate, to check the respective AMM rates click here.

Providing Liquidity to Preferred AMM

Alternatively, you may select strikes to provide liquidity in the "Option Chain [C]" section.

Providing Liquidity to Preferred Strikes

Finally, review your liquidity positions in the “LP Positions [L]” section.

Reviewing LP positions

Reserving Liquidity

To "Reserve Liquidity" follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Trade Page: Access the trade page here: Trade Page.

  2. Select the Liquidity Pool: Choose the specific liquidity pool you wish to reserve liquidity in. This could be a pool for trading pairs like ETH/USDC: ETH/USDC Pool.

  3. Select “LP Positions [L]”: This will display all your liquidity positions.

  4. Manage Liquidity Positions: Click on “Manage” and then “Reserve” next to the position you want to reserve.

  5. Specify the Amount: Scroll to specify the amount of assets you want to reserve in the selected pool.

  6. Confirm the Reservation: Review the details and confirm the reservation. Stryke will then allocate your specified assets to the liquidity pool, which can be withdrawn in the next cycle.

Withdrawing Liquidity

To withdraw your liquidity, click on the “Manage” button next to your deposit in the "LP Postions [L]" section. Select the strikes from which you wish to withdraw and click on the “Withdraw” button.

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